This page provides general information about Pokémon Sage, and tells you how you can get involved.

About Pokémon Sage


Pokémon Sage is a Pokémon fan-game, created by the anonymous members of 4chan's /vp/ board. It began as the project CAPX, which stands for "Create a Pokédex", and was simply a collaborative attempt to design a set of new Pokémon (fakemon). It was later decided to create a fan-game that used them, and thus /vp/ Makes A Game (also known as Gen /vp/) began. This was later renamed to Pokémon Sage.

Pokémon Sage is named after a term used on 4chan. To "sage" a thread means that you reply to it, but that reply does not "bump" the thread (i.e. move it back to the top of the thread list, which makes the thread last longer as it will only die once it falls off the bottom of the thread list). A person would sage a thread if they wanted to reply to a thread, but did not consider their post to be important enough to prolong the life of that thread.

Pokémon Sage is based in the Urobos region, a place based on South and Central America.

Rpg maker xp icon

The game engine used by Pokémon Sage is Pokémon Essentials, a heavily modified RPG Maker XP project designed to mimic Pokémon games. It is a 2D sprite-based engine, and thus Pokémon Sage emulates the appearance of Pokémon's Generation 4 (but with a 2D overworld). Its game mechanics, however, are mostly the same as in Generation 5.

The Pokémon designs, as well as all other assets created for Pokémon Sage, were created specifically for this fan-game. They should not be used in other games without permission.

Some important decisions made about Pokémon Sage are:

  • Pokémon Sage will be a single fan-game, and fully completable by itself without any external interactions (e.g. trades, event giveaways).
  • It should capture the spirit of Pokémon games, and be a fun and enjoyable experience for any Pokémon player.
  • It should not duplicate Game Freak's mistakes. The statement "Game Freak did this/didn't do this" is no argument at all.
  • Its difficulty should lie somewhere between Pokémon Platinum (a little harder than it) and the ROM hack Pokémon Blaze Black (a little easier than it).
  • Sage fakemon only. No official Pokémon. At this point, all Pokémon designs and names have been finalised.
  • No Fairy-type.
  • No Mega Evolutions.
  • No other features from Pokémon Generation 6 or later. This includes moves/abilities/items.

Get involved

If you are interested in helping out with Pokémon Sage, there are several things you can do.

Be active on this wiki


This wiki is for all (or at least most) confirmed information about Pokémon Sage. Unconfirmed information either does not belong on here at all, or should be clearly marked as such. Therefore, this wiki will be your first point of reference.

So have a read! Learn about Pokémon Sage, and ask questions/make observations by leaving comments at the bottom of pages.

Please note that, because this wiki is for confirmed information, we don't want people editing it randomly. Even if you think it's only a minor change you're making, get permission first. Always provide a descriptive edit summary.

Play the demo

Main article: Demo

There is a demo of Pokémon Sage, waiting for you to play it. It only contains the first segment of the game, and is not representative of the final product, but we always welcome people playing it and giving feedback and suggestions.

Playing the demo will also help you to get a feel of the game's style, and give you a more informed idea of what we're aiming for and how you can help out.

Contribute skills and ideas


We are always interested in recruiting new skilled members. Skills can include, but are not limited to:

  • Character designers
  • Sprite artists
  • Other artists, such as for GUI and attack animations
  • Map creators and designers
  • Music/SFX composers
  • Programmers familiar with Ruby, RGSS and RPG Maker XP
  • Pokémon stat balancing
  • Game story writers

Experience with RPG Maker XP is obviously a bonus.


Please remember that the developers are a group of people who work together. Newcomers who are unable to work well in that environment soon leave again, and ultimately just waste everyone's time. Similarly, Pokémon Sage is developed by consensus, meaning most people need to agree to an idea for it to be implemented. Newcomers who arrive with unpopular ideas, but who insist of trying to force them upon the game anyway, soon leave again. Obviously, we don't want either of these situations to occur.

Constructive criticism is always welcome. Unhelpful remarks, vague comments, and even insults and spam, are not welcome.

Note that silence is not approval. Active approval and consensus needs to be obtained for something before it is acted upon.

Join the Discord chats

Development is currently done in a number of Discord chats. To get properly involved in the development of Pokémon Sage, you should take the Feedback Survey located on our Demo page.