Flavor text
Damages the attacker landing the finishing hit.

Aftermath is an ability. Six Pokémon can have this Ability


In battle

When a Pokémon with this ability faints due to damage from a move that makes contact, the attacking pokemon will lose 1/4 of its maximum HP. This Ability will not activate if a Pokémon with Damp is on the field

Pokémon with Aftermath

Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
081MS Nobunata Normal Normal Aftermath Weak Armor None
101MS Phlask Poison Ghost Stench Aftermath None
102MS Noxial Poison Ghost Stench Aftermath None
103MS Fumighast Poison Ghost Pollution Aftermath None
217MS Crakling Fire Fire Aftermath Blaze None
218MS Fuelong Fire Dragon Aftermath Blaze None