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Erace Admin

Aster is one of Team Aurum's three Admins, alongside Amber and Kruger. They eventually gain control of Erace as part of Team Aurum's plans.


Aster was hired by Talah to be one of the three overseers for Team Aurum. Aster joined the Team because they were allowed to perform their experiments without being questioned or sanctioned.


Aster is a rather antisocial and detached scientist. They rarely speak, and are wholly dedicated to their scientific experiments of questionable ethical standing. Almost everyone (with the exception of Talah) finds the presence of Aster very uncomfortable. Aster, however, does not seem to notice the strange effect they have on people, concentrating on their research with an inhuman air of coldness to them. They seem to be intrigued by many things, inspecting them with an eerily childlike fascination.

During the Game

Aster is first encountered deep within the laboratory of the Aurum HQ in Vivace, where they are diverting energy from Vivace's power grid into a machine that is charging up a newly retrofitted Erace. Aster battles the player both to stall them, and also because they are oddly interested in them. After the battle Erace has finished charging and Aster uses it to escape the HQ.

Aster is next found in the Desert Cave, where they are drilling into the intricate cave structure, disrupting the air flow to draw out Machima and steal its core. Aster will be accompanied by an activated Erace by that point in the game.

Aster is fought one last time within the Golden City, after Team Aurum breaches it.


Team Aurum HQ


Trainer Pokemon
Erace Admin
Aurum Admin ???
Reward: PokémonDollar???


  • As with Amber and Kruger, Aster's name is a reference to treasure:
    • Aster's name is Greek and translates to "star". Many pieces of jewelry incorporating precious gemstones have "star" in their names, both in reference to their brilliance and to asterism depending on the gem such as the Star of the South diamond and the Star of India sapphire.
  • Coincidentally, Aster's name ends with -er, which reflects the Golems' names, which begin with Er-.
  • Before they were given a name, Aster was referred to as "the Erace Admin" during development.

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