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Welcome to the Pokémon Sage Wiki
Pokémon Sage is a collaborative fan-made Pokémon game by /vp/ that started in October 2012.
So far we have a whopping 64,505 total edits on this wiki!

Our region Urobos is based on South and Central America, and some of its Pokémon draw influence from there. There are over 200 different Pokémon that can be found and captured in this game!

Pokémon Sage is being made using RPG Maker XP with Pokémon Essentials, with sprites in the 4th Gen style and battle mechanics from Gen 5.

We are really trying to capture the spirit of Pokémon games. We want to make Pokémon Sage a fun and enjoyable experience for any Pokémon player.

Erace-front-sprite 0

We already have all the Pokémon we want, so we're not accepting any more. Nor changing or revising any of the designs for them.

Neither the Fairy type nor Mega Evolutions will be implemented. This is a final decision, and will not be changed.

Please read the guidelines before uploading any files, such as sprites.

Please do not edit Pokémon pages without getting permission to do so. As a rule, silence is not approval.


Shadini battle-sprite-1
  • Some pages contain spoilers! View at your own risk!
  • Would you like to help? Read the Guide and the To Do list.

The community making this game is very diverse. We have artists, musicians, programmers, writers and mappers all working together to create this fan-made game.


We have an external forum for in-depth discussions and other things. You can access it here. The forum allows even guests to post, if you wish to stay anonymous.


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