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Welcome to the Pokémon Sage Wiki

Pokémon Sage is a collaborative fanmade Pokémon game by /vp/ that started in October of 2012.

Our region Urobos is based on South and Central America and some of its Pokémon draw influence from there. We have over 200 different Pokémon that will be encounterable and capturable in the game! We are not adding any more Pokémon into the Pokédex and are currently working on revising the last few that have not been finalized. 

Our game is being made on RPG Maker XP with Pokémon Essentials, with sprites in the 4th gen style.

The community making this game is very diverse. We have artists, musicians, and programmers all working together to create this fanmade game. We are really trying to capture the spirit of Pokémon games. We want to make this a fun and enjoyable experience for any Pokémon player.

New around here? Would you like to help? Read the Guide and the To Do list.

Some pages contain spoilers! View at your own risk!

So far we have a whopping 57,647 total edits on this wiki!



A forum has been made to post in depth discussions. You can access it here. The forum allows for guest posting if you wish to stay anonymous.


We are no longer accepting Pokémon. At this point only revision surveys will be held. Pages created for new Pokémon will be deleted. Fairy type and Mega Evolutions will not be implemented. This is a final decision, and will not be changed.

The current maximum sprite size is 96 x 96. We are working with RPG Maker XP + Essentials. All sprites should be added to the Sprites page. Please read the guidelines before uploading. 

Please do not edit Pokémon pages without discussing it in the thread first. As a general rule, silence is not approval.

Latest activity

  • discussion page Talk:Forusk
    new comment by Dunkywunkr 14 minutes ago
    Comment: Why would they be rustling in the grass? I'm not even sure if we have those programmed in Essentials.
  • discussion page Talk:Forusk
    new comment by Mysticguardians 15 minutes ago
    Comment: Nice.... Anyway, I suggest that if the developers can, they should make Forusk encounters in the wild those fateful encounters (e.g. Dark/Rustling...
  • discussion page Talk:Lutrajet
    new comment by Dunkywunkr 16 minutes ago
    Comment: Neither are a problem in the absence of Baton Pass; good thing it doesn't have that.
  • discussion page Talk:Lutrajet
    new comment by Mysticguardians 18 minutes ago
    Comment: lol it's not the stats problem it's speed boost. I don't think they should take away that though.
  • discussion page Talk:Grolem
    new comment by Dunkywunkr 19 minutes ago
    Comment: Maybe it has Napoleon Syndrome and likes to tower over the other little pokemon thinking itself superior.
  • discussion page Talk:Grolem
    new comment by Mysticguardians 21 minutes ago
    Comment: i know i'm probably too late to make changes, but overshadow is kind of weird for such a tiny pokemon. Besides, it's quite common for pre-evos to...
  • discussion page Talk:Eluchadon
    new comment by Dunkywunkr 21 minutes ago
    Comment: Good thing we have no competitive!
  • discussion page Talk:Eluchadon
    edited comment by Mysticguardians 23 minutes ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Carnibal
    new comment by Mysticguardians 24 minutes ago
    Comment: Dude. 3Tops already answered. Anyway, Darm has a 480 BST, Zen has 540 but has 1/2 HP left, so it really isn't that big of a deal. You have to...
  • discussion page Talk:Gym Leader
    new comment by MangroveTheory 2 hours ago
    Comment: I know he's from poke england, what i'm saying is that he has "gone native", aka has secretly adopted the ways of the tribe to get closer to the...

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