These Pokémon are in need of Pokédex entries. Please help them out by writing potential Pokédex entries below for them, or adding any you have spotted. They will be voted on in due course.

Please do not edit Pokémon pages without discussing it in the thread first. As a general rule, silence is not approval.

228: Xochi

229: Xotec

  • Originally, this golden idol was worshiped by Urobos shamans . It became a pokemon with the many sacrifices of the cult. In gift, she turned them into gold statues ...

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body stylecryspeciescolorfootprintheightweight
by evolution evolution family
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by in-game stats base stats (by typefully evolved) • catch rateExp/EVs given in battle
gender ratiosteps to hatchwild held itembase friendship
by category starterlegendary (GolemsSpiritsIdolsQuetzar) • fossilform differences
by development Pokémon needing: Pokédex entriescriesTMstutor movesbreeding moveswith locked stats
new movesnew abilitiessignature movessignature abilitiesproposed signatures/Hidden Abilities
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