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All Pokémon have distinct cries. These are sounds that are heard when a Pokémon enters battle or uses a vocalizing move (Growl, Roar, etc.). Pokémon within an evolution family will sometimes have similar cries.

This page lists the cries of all Pokémon in the Sage Pokédex.

DEVELOPMENT NOTE: We are going for cries similar to Gens 4/5. Cries should not be longer than approximately 2 seconds.


Dex no. Pokémon Cry
#001 001MS Foliat
#002 002MS Florabri
#003 003MS Floressum
#004 004MS Kidling
#005 005MS Pyroat
#006 006MS Flairees
#007 007MS Aguade
#008 008MS Iguadium
#009 009MS Aguanaut
#010 010MS Harpee
#011 011MS Aquilor
#012 012MS Warquila
#013 013MS Capig
#014 014MS Capabara
#015 015MS Cubzero
#016 016MS Avalynx
#017 017MS Fawning
#018 018MS Llamarsh
#019 019MS Buckston
#020 020MS Pengliff
#021 021MS Penglacier
#022 022MS Bluffin
#023 023MS Burrmudail
#024 024MS Koblin
#025 025MS Koberus
#026 026MS Kobalt
#027 027MS Pebblosa
#028 028MS Terratetra
#029 029MS Gigaard
#030 030MS Cowatti
#031 031MS Snome
#032 032MS Snogre
#033 033MS Taomarin
#034 034MS Orangutao
#035 035MS Larvabidae
#036 036MS Caranox
#037 037MS Carajoule
#038 038MS Caracrust
#039 039MS Musburry
#040 040MS Musbushel No cry yet
#041 041MS Berratel
#042 042MS Growmeo
#043 043MS Montegrew No cry yet
#044 044MS Tuliep
#045 045MS Capulilly No cry yet
#046 046MS Dreamdery
#047 047MS Macabra
#048 048MS Kertruffle
#049 049MS Mosshroom
#050 050MS Lumishroom
#051 051MS Perishroom
#052 052MS Rocano
#053 053MS Volcaroc
#054 054MS Volcoalder No cry yet
#055 055MS Pounther
#056 056MS Jaguile
#057 057MS Neureka No cry yet
#058 058MS Cerebrulb No cry yet
#059 059MS Peppit
#060 060MS Hoppanero
#061 061MS Scovalope
#062 062MS Pawter
#063 063MS Hurricanine
#064 064MS Skullarva
#065 065MS Maskoon
#066 066MS Mortasque
#067 067MS Vectol
#068 068MS Vectol.2
#069 069MS Bouwee No cry yet
#070 070MS Scubug No cry yet
#071 071MS Totter
#072 072MS Cascotta
#073 073MS Lutrajet
#074 074MS Alpint
#075 075MS Forusk
#076 076MS Platypow
#077 077MS Platikhao
#078 078MS Cuppy
#079 079MS Fettlekish
#080 080MS Shibalbat
#081 081MS Nobunata
#082 082MS Psybex
#083 083MS Gnuru
#084 084MS Flowger
#085 085MS Bullotus
086 086MS Burrowl No cry yet
087 087MS Magowl No cry yet
088 088MS Craliber
089 089MS Crawglock
090 090MS Leafish No cry yet
091 091MS Chlorofin No cry yet
092 092MS Quibble
093 093MS Fowattle
094 094MS Turkistador
095 095MS Sedirrot
096 096MS Condesa No cry yet
097 097MS Cardinite No cry yet
098 098MS Chardinal No cry yet
099 099MS Skurrow No cry yet
100 100MS Somberado
101 101MS Phlask
102 102MS Noxial
103 103MS Fumighast
104 104MS Atomite No cry yet
105 105MS Orbatom No cry yet
106 106MS Squink
107 107MS Squidrift
108 108MS Boarealis No cry yet
109 109MS Chelonite No cry yet
110 110MS Galaxagos No cry yet
111 111MS Magnitogre
112 112MS Minarac
113 113MS Trenchula
114 114MS Pottle No cry yet
115 115MS Trikotta No cry yet
116 116MS Terrorcotta No cry yet
117 117MS Pueblant
118 118MS Cahokisect
119 119MS Cobrascet No cry yet
120 120MS Charmbra No cry yet
121 121MS Cairup No cry yet
122 122MS Kairoglyph No cry yet
123 123MS Necronite No cry yet
124 124MS Gravollum No cry yet
125 125MS Diloweed No cry yet
126 126MS Pangolash No cry yet
127 127MS Ignishell
128 128MS Shelosene
129 129MS Flarrapin
130 130MS Desoula No cry yet
131 131MS Necrow No cry yet
132 132MS Vultergyst No cry yet
133 133MS Dinkywink No cry yet
134 134MS Dunkywunkr No cry yet
135 135MS Calphite No cry yet
136 136MS Indrolith No cry yet
137 137MS Solacari No cry yet
138 138MS Nurshary No cry yet
139 139MS Loneleaf No cry yet
140 140MS Forthorn No cry yet
141 141MS Coltergeist
142 142MS Fantasmare
143 143MS Chihaha
144 144MS Howlequin
145 145MS Chegrin No cry yet
146 146MS Cheshade No cry yet
147 147MS Doppole No cry yet
148 148MS Artifish No cry yet
149 149MS Thoraxe No cry yet
150 150MS Pomparunt
151 151MS Pompagoon
152 152MS Hyekuza
153 153MS Erycoon
154 154MS Leukoon
155 155MS Toxito
156 156MS Sanguito
157 157MS Orett No cry yet
158 158MS Anvelid No cry yet
159 159MS Magroplex No cry yet
160 160MS Viipii No cry yet
161 161MS Chilloth No cry yet
162 162MS Soakoth No cry yet
163 163MS Chayan No cry yet
164 164MS Macuarrior No cry yet
165 165MS Ocerumi No cry yet
166 166MS Fortifry
167 167MS Oarwish
168 168MS Smashiary
169 169MS Slatic No cry yet
170 170MS Telsion No cry yet
171 171MS Chameleohm No cry yet
172 172MS Glauqua No cry yet
173 173MS Hydranticus No cry yet
174 174MS Lintle No cry yet
175 175MS Silkinder No cry yet
176 176MS Paramoth No cry yet
177 177MS Parapy No cry yet
178 178MS Mawasite No cry yet
179 179MS Chimpoca No cry yet
180 180MS Simayan No cry yet
181 181MS Monkezuma No cry yet
182 182MS Enigmite No cry yet
183 183MS Enigmantis No cry yet
184 184MS Arjibi No cry yet
185 185MS Royjibiv No cry yet
186 186MS Barracute No cry yet
187 187MS Jawgodon No cry yet
188 188MS Drosire No cry yet
189 189MS Sunduke No cry yet
190 190MS Wispern No cry yet
191 191MS Phantern No cry yet
192 192MS Glocto No cry yet
193 193MS Lavoon No cry yet
194 194MS Gilla No cry yet
195 195MS Hornizard No cry yet
196 196MS Ankillosore No cry yet
197 197MS Bazilisk
198 198MS Ornitherb
199 199MS Dilophlora
200 200MS Baboom
201 201MS Icetope
202 202MS Chillnobyl
203 203MS Wendingo No cry yet
204 204MS Carnibal No cry yet
205 205MS Luchito No cry yet
206 206MS Eluchadon No cry yet
207 207MS Grolem No cry yet
208 208MS Comossus No cry yet
209 209MS Larvyn No cry yet
210 210MS Dracoon No cry yet
211 211MS Basilect No cry yet
212 212MS Carbite
213 213MS Pressaur
214 214MS Diamat
215 215MS Quecko No cry yet
216 216MS Tozecko No cry yet
217 217MS Crakling
218 218MS Fuelong
219 219MS Draggar
220 220MS Ragnarow No cry yet
221 221MS Eronze No cry yet
222 222MS Erion No cry yet
223 223MS Erace No cry yet
224 224MS Patama No cry yet
225 225MS Machima No cry yet
226 226MS Yacuma No cry yet
227 227MS Quetzar No cry yet
228 228MS Xochi No cry yet
229 229MS Xotec No cry yet

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