RELEASE DATE: 7/14/15, 7PM


**Please delete your previous saves; we have changed a lot and they likely will not work!**

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Bug Reports Here: Click

This Update Provides

-Complete graphical overhaul, updated UI and maps
-Huge balance changes
-Some new Pokemon distributions
-Following Pokemon
-Setting the stage for 2.0 and beyond!

*Fixed gamebreaker issue on stairs in Tremol

*Fixed passability problems

*Fixed Moxie problem

*Fixed intro movie problem

How to Access the Demo

  1. Download file
  2. Extract
  3. Run Game.exe application

That's it! No emulator required.

How to Patch your Game

  1. Extract everything from the newest patch.
  2. DO NOT REPLACE YOUR FILES! Put the new patch somewhere NEW! DELETE your old save file in your 'Personal User File' folder.
  3. Enjoy the new patch!

Known Issues (Pokemon Essentials-specific)

  • When switching out Pokemon and then using an item, the active Pokemon slot is still the Pokemon that was switched out.
  • Level-up Jingle doesn't play when a level up happens in battle
  • NPCs still move when menu is opened
  • Some music loops their intros improperly. This will be fixed eventually.
  • Running near trainers does not make them face you

Known Issues (Non-Essentials)

  • Pokemon cries still a bit imbalanced
  • The Blanket badge gives you the Boulder Badge atm. This will be fixed in a future installment
  • Region Map stuff still a placeholder for now due to region changes
  • Shiny Pokemon currently disabled until shiny mons are finalized in the future
  • Following mons are still a bit janky, particularly with NPC interactions. Will hopefully be fixed up in the future.
  • When at the PC at a Pokemon Center, pressing 'x' out will make the animation play for following 'mons going into their ball. This is gonna be fixed later, backburner for now.
  • Whenever entering doors the shadow on the ground goes atop the door as it closes.
  • Cannot toggle following 'mons yourself, for now just have people at a Pokemon Center that enables/disables it.
  • There /may/ be some problems with the intro movie playing sometimes. Try waiting for it to finish loading, and if it seems to be taking a long time press Enter, should move you past it.
  • Ice Rink causes a game-crashing error with Mac users. We have no idea why this is. Will look into fixing in the future.

What about my Save File?

We recommend that you do not form an attachment to your save files- these are DEMO games, meaning they are not meant to make it to finished product. Due to the nature of many of our changes to the game as we progress, old save files can lead to game-breaking bugs and crashes.

If you're on Windows Vista/7, you should be able to load your saved game without a problem, assuming you're playing on the most recent patch. You can copy the "Game.rxproj file." into the new download, this may cause issues.

If you're on XP, in the game files themselves, you'll have a game.rpgxpdata or something along those lines. Save that file for the new demo.

HOW TO DELETE FILES IN VISTA/7: C:/ > Users > Personal User File > Saved Games > Pokemon Essentials.

Can I Play on a Mac?


First, you need to download a program called Wine ( which will allow you to run .exe files through your Mac.

Then, double click "Game.exe," which will prompt Wine to run the game - select "Run directly in /Users/[your name]/Wine Files"

If you see a black screen, press Enter once.

If you see a prompt about installing the correct fonts, continue pressing C until it tells you that the fonts have been installed, and then close and restart the game for that change to take effect.

After that, once you get to the New Game screen, you're good to go!

*There is a game-breaking bug that occurs when the move Ice Rink is used. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to perform the following steps:

1) Go to the Audio folder, go to the SE subfolder

2) Delete the files "IcePlink1.mp3," "IceSparkleA1.mp3," "IceSparkleA2.mp3," and "IceWind2.mp3"

Can I play it with GNU/Linux?


Install PlayOnLinux. Extract the RAR archive from the link above to a new folder. Open PlayOnLinux and click "Install a program". Click "Install a non-listed program" in the window that appears. Click "Next". Select "Install a program in a new virtual drive" and click "Next". Name the drive, click "Next", click "Browse" and select "Game.exe" in the folder you made. Finally, click "Next" and start your journey!

*There is a game-breaking bug that occurs when Foster's Snome uses Ice Rink. Make sure you save before the gym!

Error: "RGSS Stopped Responding"

Disclaimer from Pawter

Please keep in mind that any bugs you find or any things left out were completely unintentional. Any changes that were made had to do with making everything look nice and polished in terms of movement, UI, or whathaveyou. If you have any concerns feel free to voice them either in the comment section or to me through private message.


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