RELEASE DATE: 2017-08-10 17:27 UTC




This Demo Features:

  1. A Pokédex containing 117 of Sage's 229 Pokémon
  2. 6 Cities and Towns
  3. 3 Urobos League Gyms
  4. The main plot of Sage and a variety of optional side quests
  5. Following Pokémon
  6. A feature-complete slice of Sage lasting approximately 10 hours

How to Play the Demo

1. Download file linked above.

2. Extract the game folder from the compressed .zip.

3. Run the Game.exe application found inside the game folder.

Windows or your virus protection will probably flag the Game executable file as unsafe to run. You can ignore this warning; it's due to Sage being an unverified publisher. Sage is not a rom hack so that's it! You do not need an emulator.

How to Patch Your Game

  1. If a patched version of Sage 2.0 is added to this page you can play it just like you did the first time you downloaded the demo.
  2. You do not need to replace the folder containing the previous version of the demo.
  3. Your save file may not be able to be used across different versions of the demo. We cannot guarantee you will not experience errors by choosing to continue using your old save file. Do so at your own risk. You will not be able to continue your save file from this demo in the final game release. Do not use a save file from 1.5.1 or earlier.

Can I Play on Mac or Linux?

Yes! Install a program called Wine. It lets you run Windows programs on Mac or Linux.

Reinstalling is recommended! Non-fresh installs of Wine are known to have issues with using the PC.

If you are on a Mac and have Wine installed:

1. Double click "Game.exe"

2. When Wine pops up, select "Run directly in /Users/[Your name]/Wine Files"

If you are running Linux we recommend disabling gstreamer to help with audio compatibility. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Open Terminal and type “winecfg” to open Wine configure.

2. Go to the libraries tab.

3. In the “New override for library” box type “winegstreamer” and select “winegstreamer”.

4. Press “Edit” and select “Disable”. Press “ok” and then “apply”. Close Wine configure.

Remember to save often, Sage is written for PC and the vast majority of testing was done on PC, so there may be game-crashing bugs we could no catch before release on Mac and Linux.

Known Issues

You do not need to submit these issues in the feedback or bug report surveys. We are aware of them.

  1. Various move animations use some kind of a default animation, so they may not match the concept of the move
  2. North-south map barriers interact strangely with the following Pokémon sprites
  3. Berry plots are lacking various graphics
  4. Some Pokémon use the cries of other Pokémon as a placeholder.
  5. Large sprites have priority errors which cause the player to clip over them briefly
  6. Sprites may rarely have small numbers of pixels shifted slightly
  7. The Game.exe icon may occasionally cause it to be thought of as an unsafe .exe.

Extra Credits

We would like to give extra credit to the following people for creating original scripts which we did not create ourselves.

  1. -FL- : For the controls changing script and the Pokémon in boxes script
  2. Mej71: For the following Pokémon script.
  3. Skystrike : For the shadow script.

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