This page lists all the items in Pokémon Sage, mainly focusing on new items.

It is possible that there will be many unique items, to be given as rewards for several side-quests and end-game content. The appearance of some canon items may also be changed in order to make them better suit the theme of the game.

Creating/deciding on custom items is not currently high priority.


General items

Main article: Field item
Main article: Evolution stone
Main article: Shard
Main article: Fossil

These items are the GF items which have been confirmed for Sage. Mail items will only be in Sage if trading Pokémon with other players becomes possible. The Move Relearner will accept a Heart Scale, a Big Mushroom or two Tiny Mushrooms.

  • Heart Scale
  • Black Flute, White Flute

These items have not been confirmed or rejected yet; we will see which ones are used and reject ones which aren't.

  • Apricorns
  • Shoal Salt, Shoal Shell
  • Stardust, Star Piece, Comet Shard
  • Tiny Mushroom, Big Mushroom, Balm Mushroom
  • Nugget, Big Nugget
  • Pearl, Big Pearl, Pearl String
  • Relic Copper, Relic Silver, Relic Gold
  • Relic Vase, Relic Band, Relic Statue, Relic Crown
  • Growth Mulch, Damp Mulch, Stable Mulch, Gooey Mulch
  • Rare Bone, Pretty Wing


Main article: Medicine
Main article: Vitamin
Main article: Wing
Main article: Drink

Medicine items heal Pokémon in one way or another, or permanently improve their stats.

Held items

These items have not been confirmed yet! They are just all the GF hold items, and are listed here to give us somewhere to start.

  • Charcoal et al.
  • Incense items
  • Gem items
  • Evolution-inducing items, Everstone
  • Exp. Share, Lucky Egg, Amulet Coin
  • Soothe Bell, Cleanse Tag
  • Macho Brace, Power Weight, Power Bracer, Power Belt, Power Lens, Power Band, Power Anklet
  • Choice Band, Choice Specs, Choice Scarf
  • Flame Orb, Iron Ball, Ring Target, Sticky Barb, Toxic Orb
  • Scope Lens, Wide Lens, Zoom Lens
  • Focus Band, Focus Sash
  • Mental Herb, White Herb, Power Herb
  • Heat Rock, Damp Rock, Smooth Rock, Icy Rock, Light Clay, Grip Claw, Binding Band
  • Leftovers, Shell Bell
  • King's Rock, Razor Fang
  • Absorb Bulb, Cell Battery
  • Muscle Band, Wise Glasses
  • Air Balloon
  • Big Root
  • Black Sludge
  • BrightPowder
  • Destiny Knot
  • Eject Button
  • Eviolite
  • Expert Belt
  • Float Stone
  • Lagging Tail
  • Life Orb
  • Metronome
  • Quick Claw
  • Razor Claw
  • Red Card
  • Rocky Helmet
  • Shed Shell
  • Smoke Ball

Poké Balls

Main article: Poké Balls

Poké Balls are devices which capture and store Pokémon. There are many different kinds, each designed to operate better in certain conditions or on certain Pokémon.

TMs & HMs

Main article: TM and HM list
  • 99 TMs + 8 Gym TMs
  • 6 HMs


Main article: Berries

Note that we have not yet confirmed exactly which berries will be in our game.

Battle items

Main article: Battle item

Battle items are ones that can only be used in battle. They typically temporarily enhance the stats of the Pokémon currently battling.

Key items

These items are the GF Key Items which have been confirmed for Sage. The Town Map and Poké Flute will NOT be in Sage.

  • Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod
  • Bicycle
  • Itemfinder
  • Poké Radar
  • Coin Case
  • Pawtering Can
  • Oval Charm, Shiny Charm

Custom items

These items have been created for Pokémon Sage.

Approved items

Key items

Icon Name Effect Possible location
Bag Old Rod Sprite Old Rod Allows the player to fish in bodies of water. Ice Fishing Shack, Quaver Town
Indexsasa Good Rod Usual mid-game superior fishing rod. Lighthouse, Andante Bay
Bag Maw Fossil Sprite Maw Fossil An ancient fossil that carries the memories of a prehistoric Pokémon. Possibly under the Desert
Bag Horn Fossil Sprite Horn Fossil An ancient fossil that carries the memories of a prehistoric Pokémon. Possibly under the Desert
Bag Bicycle 1 SpriteBag Bicycle 2 Sprite Bicycle Standard in-game bike.  ???
Sheepyshears Shears Cut Tool Dreamdery Ranch
Flashlight Flashlight Flash Tool  ???
 ??? Rock Smash Tool  ???
 ??? Strength Tool  ???
Scuber Snorkel Dive Tool  ???
 ??? Rock Climb Tool  ???

Held items

Icon Name Effect Possible location
Bag Joker Sprite Joker Raises the critical hit chance by 2 stages when held by Chihaha or Howlequin Given by gambler in Vivace City
Bag Ragged Pebble Sprite Ragged Pebble A special rock belonging to Enigmite. Held by wild Enigmite (5% chance)
Bag Polished Sphere Sprite Polished Sphere Raises the Special Attack and Special Defense of Enigmantis. Replaces Ragged Pebble if held by Enigmite when it evolves
Held by wild Enigmantis (1% chance)
Bag Wool Sweater Sprite Wool Sweater "A warm, fuzzy sweater. The wearer cannot be frozen and nearby eggs hatch faster." Reward from early side-quest with farmer who has Macabra in their Dreamdery pen
Bag Wool Cap Sprite Wool Cap Looks good with the sweater. Related to activity at farm/farm rewards
Bag Lush Shroom Sprite Lush Shroom Raises the Defense of Kertruffle and Mosshroom. Held by wild Mosshroom (5% chance)
Bag Bright Shroom Sprite Bright Shroom Raises the Special Defense of Kertruffle and Lumishroom. Held by wild Lumishroom (5% chance)
Bag Doom Shroom Sprite Doom Shroom Raises the Special Attack of Kertruffle and Perishroom. Held by wild Perishroom (5% chance)
Bag Iveolite Sprite Iveolite Raises the Attack and Special Attack of a Pokémon that can still evolve. Given by a Professor studying the Evolite
Bolt Orb Bolt Orb Inflicts the holder with paralysis and confusion after one turn of battle. (electric immune)
Bag Anchor Sprite Anchor Increases the Pokémon's weight, and prevents them from being forced out of battle. Sunken Shipyard
Bag Cloud Dust 2 Sprite Cloud Dust Nullifies weather effects. Consumes upon use.  ???
Bag Strange Box Sprite Strange Box Prevents the effects of other hold items. Industrial City Sewer
Bag Friendly Box Sprite Friendly Box Copies the effect of the ally's held item in double battles.  ???
Bag Mimic Box Sprite Mimic Box Copies the effect of the opponent's held item.  ???
Bag Thick Log Sprite Thick Log Raises the Attack of Forusk by 50%. Held by wild Forusk (1% chance)
Ignissgsgsd Exp. Plug and Exp. Port Exp. Plug - Transfers away all Exp that the holder would gain from battle.

Exp. Port - Accepts the Exp transferred by the Exp. Plug.

Bag Snowball Sprite Snowball Raises Attack if hit by an Ice move. Can also be thrown. Sold/given by a kid in Foster's town
Accelerator Accelerator Ignores priority moves used by Pokémon with a lower speed stat (except Protect/Detect). Observatory, maybe held by traded Atomite
Bag Black Box SpriteDon'tcopythatfloppy Black Box or Corrupted Disk Evolves Vectol when held.  ???
Special Snowflake Special Snowflake Permanent Imprison. Northeast
Bag Kaleidoscope Sprite Kaleidoscope Evolves Arjibi when held.  ???
Vr Foul Rock Lengthens the duration of Acid Rain and Pollution from 5 to 8 turns when used by the holder Oilrig? :^)
Dreamcatcheritem Dreamcatcher Early Bird on a stick.  ???
Straight Jacket Straight Jacket Boosts special attack stat of holder by 25% but only allows the use of special attacks.
Third Eye Third Eye Hold item - Reveals the abilities of opponents Fortunei
X Ray Specs X Ray Specs Hold item - Reveals the held items of opponents Fortunei
Tainted Seed Corrupted Seed If the holder would gain health, it loses that much health instead. (Give it to the enemy) Jungle
Extoplasm Volatile Extoplasm Increases holder's critical hit chance for their special attacks. Hidden item in sewer or wild Phlask.
Glyphs Glyphs Replace Soft Sand, etc. Various


Icon Name Effect Location
VsnomeconeCsnomeconeSsnomeconeSpsnomecone Snome Cone Heals burn and restores 20 HP, consumable. Andante Bay Vendor
Pawtdog Loadedpawtdog Chilipawtdog Chilicheesepawtdog Pawt Dog Heals freeze and restores 20 HP, consumable. Dronia City Vendor
Cowatticola Cowatti Cola Heals sleep and restores 20 HP, consumable. Dronia City Drink Machines
Goldenfries Fortifries Heals paralysis and restores 20 HP, consumable.
Dippindops Dippin' Dops Heals confusion and restores 20 HP, consumable.
Caracrust Pizza Heals poison and restores 20 HP, consumable. Vivace City Pizzeria

Other items

Icon Name Effect Possible location
Bag Goddess Icon Sprite Goddess Icon Used to unlock hidden abilities in a Pokémon (somehow). Something hard
Bag Golden Statue Sprite Golden Statue Sells for a high price.  ???
Bag Diamond Sprite Diamond Sells for a high price. Held by wild Carbite (1% chance)
Bag Doubloon Sprite Doubloon Alternate currency, or sells for a high price.  ???
Bag Rainbow Stone Sprite Rainbow Stone Evolves any Pokémon (except level evolutions and split evolutions) Quest reward, only one in the game
Bag Pokémon Card Sprite Pokémon Card 229 different cards, COLLECT THEM ALL! Scattered around the region
Time Guns Mist Shooter, Flare Shooter, Smoke Shooter Changes the time of day cycle for wild Pokémon. End-game vendor?
Jungle Moss Peat Moss Consume to fully restores HP and/or status. Can't be used in battle. Swamps and Jungle (rare)
Follsgold Fools' Gold Absolutely useless. But there is one NPC in the game that will buy it, thinking it's the real thing. Desert Pass, Desert Cave, Jungle
Bag Forgotten Shard Sprite Forgotten Shard Can be traded for a Moon Stone, Sun Stone or Dusk Stone (but not Tutor moves). Various
Poketoy1Bag Poké Toy SpritePoketoy3 Poké Toy An item that attracts Pokémon. Use it to flee from any battle with a wild Pokémon. Poké Mart

Suggested items

These items have not yet been surveyed.


Item Name Description Location
Turtledove Turtledove Increases holder's Defense and Special Defense by (25%?). Does (50%?) instead if the ally is also holding a Turtledove. Two far-apart places/NPCs


Stuff that will be voted on at a later time.

Item Name Description Location
Precious Gemstone Mysterious Relic It almost looks like a Pokémon egg, but matches no known species. For Xotec sidequest
Snow Globe Snow Globe Possibly doubles as a held item. Freezes first foe to land a contact move, but you lose the item. Sidequest: deliver from a kid in Quaver to the jeweler, or the other way around
Brightbulb Brightbulb Hold item for some Lighthouse sidequest. Scrapyard?
Blood moon Blood Moon  ???  ???
Message Message in a Bottle Sidequest item. Probably deliver for reward. The beach/ocean/dive, or maybe held by wild Pokémon/traded Pokémon
Nebulasphere Spheres of Power Held items for Spirit Trio.  ???
IndexwerqIndexsoow Golem Cores Held items for Golem Trio.  ???
Retroer Ball Retro Ball  ???  ???
JaegerPostersdsds Viipii Fan Club Ticket  ???  ???
Muh progress Serpent Urn  ???  ???
Bag Electromagnet SpriteOil can Electromagnet / Oil Can Used to move/provoke a Magnitogre blocking a path. Scrapyard
Bag Sage Candy Bar Sprite Sage Candy Bar Heals all status ailments.  ???

Icon Trashcan

These items have been surveyed and did not pass, but can possibly be re-purposed.

Stat pendants

Bag Cloud Dust 1 Sprite Capture6x Bag Puncher's Belt Sprite Bag Catalyst Sprite Bag Kicker's Wraps Sprite Bag Quickthickle Sprite Bag Calming Balm Sprite Capture6wd Dragonslayer Shield-Aztec Forbidden Glyph

Capture6rf Captureho Capture6fw Capture6sa Capture6qw Capture63 Capture624 Capture6qr Capture6cw Capture613 Capture6py Capture13rf

Indexqwqwq Indexasa Voodoo Bat knife Troll tears Goodstuff Lump of coal Pitch Fork

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