This page is for working towards new move distribution. Anything here is unofficial or pending. For the list of new moves see New Moves.

This is a list of suggestions to be voted on for approval. Feel free to add but do not remove.

Teh Plan

General Moves

Name Type Kind PP Base Acc
Reinforce NormalStatus15PP -100%
Decreases ATK and SP ATK but increases DEF and SP DEF. Immune to criticals next turn.
Tempest FlyingSpecial10PP 60100%
Damaging move that removes all weather effects
003MS023MS087MS094MS098MS122MS132MS176MS185MS200MS225MSQuetzar Space Icon Ani 3
Shield Strike NormalPhysical15PP 70100%
Damage is calculated based on users Def instead of Atk.
Acid Rain PoisonStatus5PP - -
Summons Acid Rain for 5 turns. (Damages all Pokemon except Poison and Steel types)
Duel DarkStatus5PP - -
No pokemon can flee or switch out, even with abilities, moves or items. Ends when a pokemon faints.
Karma Beam GhostSpecial10PP 70100%
If the last move to hit the user was super effective, this move deals double damage.
Leaf Shield GrassStatus10PP - -
Reases defense and Special defense by 1 (or 2 if used in the sun).
Possession GhostSpecial15PP 95100%
Calculates damage based on the opponents attack rather than the users
Overdrive/Accelerate ElectricStatus20PP - -
Raises Special Attack and Speed by 1 stage each
Asteroid Shot RockSpecial20PP 60--%
Never Misses
124MS054MS080MS110MS214MS227MSQuetzar Space Icon Ani 3
Mudslide GroundSpecial20PP 6095%
Lowers targets evasion by 1 stage. Hits all enemies
054MS063MS116MS126MS085MS122MS006MS021MS029MS136MS159MS086MS099MS113MS118MS120MS134MS 157MS158MS159MS209MS210MS211MS
Singularity PsychicStatus5PP - -
Nullifies type effectiveness for 5 turns
124MS110MS108MS058MS105MS068MS154MS034MS083MS087MS183MS227MS228MSQuetzar Space Icon Ani 3
Web Ball BugSpecial15PP 65100%
100% chance to lower the targets speed by 1 stage
Psybolt PsychicSpecial30PP 40100%
+1 Priority
183MS124MS058MS105MS034MS083MS087MS122MS146MS046MS167MSQuetzar Space Icon Ani 3228MS229MS
Shadow Wave GhostSpecial10PP 12070
10% chance of causing confusion.
Cheap Shot NormalStatus15PP -100%
Guarenteed critical strike.
[Freeze Slash] IceSpecial15PP 70100%
10% chance of causing freeze, increased critical hit ratio
Null Room PsychicStatus5PP - -
Nullifies all pokemon abilities for 5 turns (0 priority)
Caustic Breath DragonSpecial15PP 40100%
Damaging move with a 20% chance to lower the enemies defense and special defense
025MS103MS211MS054MS080MS214MS111MS107MS202MS129MS196MS218MS221MS222MS227MSQuetzar Space Icon Ani 3
Jet Strike FlyingPhysical15PP 40100%
+1 Priority.

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