A png version of the Region Map File

The Region Map File is an image file which contains the layout of the Urobos region. It is used to determine the size that game maps should be, and is ultimately a guide for this.

This page describes the file, as well as provides instructions on how to properly edit it.

The Region Map File

The current public version of the Region Map File is located in the map Dropbox named "region#" in several file formats (XCF, PSD and some PNGs). Using the XCF version is recommended, since the Region Map File was originally made in GIMP and most of this guide refers to GIMP terms. The files are fairly large, so you may experience some slowness when opening them. Note that the files may not be fully up to date.

The file has four different layer groups:

  • Terrain - Contains the colored grid squares, the underlying grid itself (which is turned off most of the time), contour lines and terrain borders, and the underlying terrain/biomes.
  • Route text - Contains all the red labels for routes and other locations.
  • Sidebar stuff - Contains the stuff in the key/sidebar.
  • In-game maps - Contains screenshots of the in-game maps, all scaled to the appropriate size (18% zoom of the full-sized image, assuming a map tile is 16x16 pixels at full size).

The first three layer groups contain the stuff that is used to make the image of the Region Map (i.e. the image above). The fourth layer group (the in-game maps) is used to make sure all the in-game maps line up properly with each other and be the appropriate sizes and shapes, as well as ensure they all connect together seamlessly in the end.

Why the Region Map File would be changed

There are several reasons why the Region Map File might need to be edited. These are:

  • To add new screenshots of the in-game maps, as those maps are made and updated.
  • To make a change to the layout of the region, such as when a new map requires it.
  • To change any other information in the File, such as location names, or to improve the presentation of the information.
  • To fix errors in the contents of the File, such as inaccurate or misleadingly presented information.

Actual changes made to the information (i.e. not just fixes to incorrect information) must first be discussed with other mappers and the whole thread, and potentially even surveyed, before being done.

More possible allowances for changes may be added in future.

Updating the Region Map File

As mentioned above, the Region Map File may be changed for one of several reasons. Not all of the guides below apply to all possible reasons for change.

Things that may need to be done include:

  • Editing the coastline of the land to match the coast in a map. (Use a 6.5 brush size, hardness 1.0 brush, pencil tool.)
  • Editing contour lines to match the rough elevation changes that occur in a map. (Use a 5.5 brush size, hardness 1.0 brush, paintbrush tool.)
  • Editing the position and colour of grid squares, to match up with agreed changes to the region.
  • Moving or editing location name text, to make it better match up with the appropriate locations or to more clearly show which grid squares belong to which routes.
  • Altering information in the sidebar.

Please do not change any layer transparency levels or visibilities. If you do change any while editing, make sure to change them back at the end before saving.

Please update all versions of the Region Map File in the same way. When you do so, first rename the existing files to add "OLD" to their names, and then save the updated versions of the files under the original filenames. This ensures we have old versions of the files as backups.