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The edit menu

Unofficial pokemon pages being added? Persistent vandalism to pages? Here's what to do. 

Reverting Edits

If a page has been changed or vandalised to the point where editing cannot fix it, it is possible to revert the page. On the edit menu press the History button. It will bring up a history of edits. Administrators and users with rollback rights will see the words "rollback," allowing them to undo edits more quickly. All users will see the word "undo," which allows them to undo a cetain edit. 

Marking for Deletion

Pasting the text below into an article at the beginning or the end will mark it for deletion. An administrator will review and remove the article. It may also be found under templates in edit mode.


Creates a banner stating the page is a candidate for deletion. Enter the reason where <reason> is. 

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