Sequoia is Professor Mangrove's assistant.


Professor Mangrove's snarky and perpetually frowning assistant stands in stark contrast to his carefree and jovial nature. Brilliant but lazy, she's often tasked with fieldwork and gathering Pokédex data for the Professor. However, she's been neglecting her duties of late, and will seek out the player to fill her quotas for her.


Sequoia will be waiting in various places around the region to give the player a reward (e.g. TMs, items) whenever he/she has seen a certain number of Pokémon. Once the player has received every item from her, she'll rate the player's Pokémon based on their IVs.

Unofficial Information

Along with Pokedex data, Sequoia may be involved in giving the player other side quests.


Sequoia's Theme:


  • Sequoia, being the protégé of a Pokémon Professor, is also named after a tree, in her case the scientific term for redwoods.
  • Sequoia's theme is a more upbeat and syncopated arrangement of Professor Mangrove's theme.

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