In the Pokémon fandom, the term signature move is often used to refer to a move that can only be learned by a single species or its evolutionary relatives, usually in the same evolutionary line. Most are learned by leveling up, but some can be learned through other means when no Pokémon can learn the move by leveling up. Also, some of these moves can be passed down via breeding to other Pokémon or are known by certain event Pokémon.

Note that the information below may not be up to date, as edits to move distributions are still being made. Last updated: 29th May, 2017 at 15:00 GMT. Note also that, when all move distributions are final, there will be no distinction made between "intended" and "unintended" signature moves.

List of Pokémon and their signature moves

Intended signature moves

The moves known by these Pokémon were intended to be signature moves.

No. Pokémon Move Method
001 001MS Foliat Wind Shear Level 34
002 002MS Florabri Wind Shear Level 40
003 003MS Floressum Wind Shear Level 41
004 004MS Kidling Battering Ram Level 34
005 005MS Pyroat Battering Ram Level 41
006 006MS Flairees Battering Ram Level 43
007 007MS Aguade Salt Crash Level 34
008 008MS Iguadium Salt Crash Level 39
009 009MS Aguanaut Salt Crash Level 40
067 067MS Vectol Corrupt Level 60
068 068MS Vectol.2 Corrupt Level 60
081 081MS Nobunata Fiesta Level 22
094 094MS Turkistador Dust Devil Level 37
104 104MS Atomite Atom Split Level 62
105 105MS Orbatom Atom Split Level 70
109 109MS Chelonite Asteroid Belt Level 64
110 110MS Galaxagos Asteroid Belt Level 52
121 121MS Cairup Perplex Level 28
122 122MS Kairoglyph Perplex Level 28
154 154MS Leukoon Engulf Level 34
160 160MS Viipii Catalog Start
185 185MS Royjibiv Prism Beam Level 33
202 202MS Chillnobyl Meltdown Level 57
227 227MS Quetzar Signature Move ???
228 228MS Xochi Signature Move ???
229 229MS Xotec Signature Move ???

Unintended signature moves

The moves known by these Pokémon were NOT intended to be signature moves. Instead, after move distributions were done, these moves were discovered to be exclusive to only one species or evolutionary line.

No. Pokémon Move Method
003 003MS Floressum Frenzy Plant Move Tutor
006 006MS Flairees Blast Burn Move Tutor
009 009MS Aguanaut Hydro Cannon Move Tutor
020 020MS Pengliff Wake-Up Slap Level 29
021 021MS Penglacier Wake-Up Slap Level 29
031 031MS Snome Ice Ball Level 13
032 032MS Snogre Ice Ball Level 13
033 033MS Taomarin Force Palm Level 18
034 034MS Orangutao Force Palm Level 18
037 037MS Carajoule Tail Glow Level 37
048 048MS Kertruffle Poison Powder Level 12
Spore Level 61
049 049MS Mosshroom Poison Powder Level 12
Spore Level 61
050 050MS Lumishroom Poison Powder Level 12
Spore Level 61
051 051MS Perishroom Poison Powder Level 12
Spore Level 61
054 054MS Volcoalder Magma Storm Start
058 058MS Cerebrulb Luster Purge Start
067 067MS Vectol Conversion Level 6
Conversion 2 Level 6
068 068MS Vectol.2 Conversion Level 6
Conversion 2 Level 6
075 075MS Forusk Wood Hammer Level 38
076 076MS Platypow Feint Level 22
077 077MS Platikhao Feint Level 22
081 081MS Nobunata Present Start
082 082MS Psybex Milk Drink Level 46
083 083MS Gnuru Milk Drink Level 48
089 089MS Crawglock Crabhammer Level 38
106 106MS Squink Octazooka Level 24
107 107MS Squidrift Octazooka Level 24
111 111MS Magnitogre Gear Grind Level 19
Magnet Bomb Level 5
Shift Gear Level 55
112 112MS Minarac Spider Web Level 17
113 113MS Trenchula Spider Web Level 17
114 114MS Pottle Bind Level 5
Needle Arm Level 32
115 115MS Trikotta Bind Level 5
Needle Arm Level 32
116 116MS Terrorcotta Bind Level 5
Needle Arm Level 32
120 120MS Charmbra Synchronoise Start
122 122MS Kairoglyph Heal Block Level 58
123 123MS Necronite Guard Split Level 45
Power Split Level 45
124 124MS Gravollum Guard Split Level 44
Power Split Level 44
127 127MS Ignishell Heat Crash Level 40
128 128MS Shelosene Heat Crash Level 41
129 129MS Flarrapin Heat Crash Level 41
131 131MS Necrow Bone Rush Level 28
132 132MS Vultergyst Bone Rush Start
137 137MS Solacari Fiery Dance Level 59
143 143MS Chihaha Barrage Start
Quash Level 33
144 144MS Howlequin Barrage Start
Quash Level 35
145 145MS Chegrin Captivate Level 25
146 146MS Cheshade Captivate Prior evolution
147 147MS Doppole Copycat Level 14
148 148MS Artifish Copycat Level 14
149 149MS Thoraxe Double Hit Level 46
155 155MS Toxito Horn Drill Level 60
156 156MS Sanguito Horn Drill Level 66
157 157MS Orett Autotomize Level 43
158 158MS Anvelid Autotomize Level 54
159 159MS Magroplex Autotomize Level 57
163 163MS Chayan Storm Throw Level 26
164 164MS Macuarrior Sacred Sword Level 69
Storm Throw Prior evolution
165 165MS Ocerumi Comet Punch Level 9
Dizzy Punch Start
Mach Punch Level 25
Storm Throw Prior evolution
176 176MS Paramoth Lunar Dance Level 61
178 178MS Mawasite Razor Shell Level 43
184 184MS Arjibi Simple Beam Level 45
185 185MS Royjibiv Simple Beam Level 45
202 202MS Chillnobyl Glaciate Start
208 208MS Comossus Crush Grip Level 72
214 214MS Diamat Sharpen Start
217 217MS Crakling Flame Wheel Level 24
218 218MS Fuelong Flame Wheel Level 24
219 219MS Draggar Dragon Rage Start
220 220MS Ragnarow Dragon Rage Start

Semi-signature moves

These moves would be signature moves, but at least one other Pokémon is also able to learn it as an egg move.

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