This is a guide that will explain the basics of editing source mode. Many common problems can be easily fixed by using source mode, however it can be intimidating. 

Modifying text

Modifying text is most easily done via visual mode, but more advanced modifications can be made through source mode. Basic modifications such as bolding will not be covered as they are more easily achieved through visual mode.

To center text:

div align="center">TEXT</div>

To align text to the right or left "right" and "left" can be subsituted for "center".

Asterisks are used to form bulleted lists, although the bullets appear square on wikia. On certain pages errors can occur which lead to many bullets being displayed. This can be resolved by opening source mode and removing the extra bullets. This error cannot be fixed in visual mode. 


Changing an image to or from a thumbnail is easily achieved through source mode. 

This is the code for an image.


The image may be sized by adding "|150px]]" to the end. Replace the "150" with the size you desire. Adding "|thumb|Caption text]]" to the end thumbnails the image. By removing this images can be easily changed to full size images. 


A table viewed in source mode looks like this:

Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 11.42.05 AM

This example creates the table below.

1 2 3
content content content
more content more content more content

Editing tables in source mode is usually easier than editing them in visual mode, and sometimes the complex code involved will disable visual mode, requiring source mode to be used. 

! 1 and so on create the number of columns in the table. However the addition of a "|" where there is no content can add an extra column to a table in some cases. To resolve this, simply remove the excess "|" wherever it occurrs. Sometimes errors can be causes when there are empty spaces in the source code. However sometimes when images are inserted in a table they will not have the "|" before them. 

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