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The best way to display tiles can be found here.

North West

Route 1-4. Ice mountain and woods

  • New Ice/Water Tiles
  • Frozen Falls
  • snow 4 coal
  • swamp plants
  • swamp terrain
  • new shadow forest trees
  • tree that stretches vertically
  • The Professor's Lab and waterwheel
  • Coal Mine house
  • Ice Fishing Shack
  • Home

North East

Route 5-11. City and beach.

South East

Route 12-17, Island City and Desert


Route 18-22. Jungle

  • Mossy rocks
  • new shadow forest trees
  • tree that stretches vertically
  • Canopy Tops
  • Nature Bridge Pieces
  • simpler vine bridge

Urban Interior

  • Miner Scaffolding
  • Secret Base Decorations
  • Foster's Daycare
  • Pokecenter/mart stuff
  • tavern
  • saloon bar
  • cave town tests
  • shaft

Dungeon Interior

  • Different Mushrooms
  • Mossy rocks
  • Miner Scaffolding
  • Mining Cart Tiles
  • Mine Entrance and Exits
  • More Karting
  • shaft


  • Animated Waterfall
  • Starcave
  • Mist
  • Water for the Coal Cave


Place where gyms are, only proposals at this point.  To be put into the correct tilesets later.

  • Gym Basic Structure
  • Gym Statues
  • Ice Gym
  • Ice Gym Tiles
  • exploding snowman
  • Steel Gym WIP
  • Steel Gym Tiles (WIP)
  • Water Gym
  • Water Gym Tiles (WIP)


  • Hedge maze
  • Auto tiles
  • Ancient Temple
  • dualmart concepts
  • Oil Rig Tiles
  • Center And Mart
  • Megamart
  • Signs
  • stairs varient
  • tiles for the untiled
  • better and more dirt
  • better fences
  • potential teleporter friend

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