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World map
Artwork of the Urobos region
Professor Professor Mangrove
Starter Pokémon
001MS Foliat
004MS Kidling
007MS Aguade
Regional Villains Team Aurum
Pokémon League Urobos League
League Location Coda Peak
Pokédex List Urobos Pokédex

A schematic showing the positions and sizes of all locations.

Urobos is the South America-inspired region where the events of Pokemon Sage take place. For information about routes and mapping, please see the Route Mapping page. The demonym of the inhabitants of Urobos is Urobian.

PLEASE NOTE! Some of the information about locations and routes in this page is out of date. Please double-check with the thread or a more up-to-date page if you find conflicting information.

Region Overview

Urobos is based on South America, and many, though not all, of its Pokémon draw influence from there.

The region's name is derived from Uroboros (or Ouroboros), an ancient symbol depicting a serpent consuming its own tail. The symbol represents "eternal return" which can be simplified to mean the endless cycles of all things.  This meaning is the core theme of the Urobos region, and it is visibly manifested in the region's cyclical nature, which causes the Elite Four and the player's home town to occupy the same snowy mountain.

Towns and Cities


A drawn map of an old version of the region.

The music theme has voted in as the official theme for names. 

Areas of Interest


An abandoned astronomical observatory, it is possible that this location has an important role in the plot of the game.

Starry Cave

Located near the Observatory, this cave is filled with glimming minerals and rare Pokémon.

Dreamdery Ranch

Off of Route 3, this ranch has many Dreamdery and possibly a few other secrets...


South of Dronia City, this junkyard is full old rusty metal, Pokémon, and even some old rusty metal Pokémon!

Oil Rig

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 10.24.51 AM

Proposed oil rig.

The offshore oil rig is a proposed location for a confrontation with the antagonists Team Aurum.


Note: Maps operate on a system similar but not identical to Pokémon confirmation. They can be changed after they are voted in and finalized, but realistically this will only be done if the change is purely visual, or doesn't change much functionally, and people approve of it. 

Location Map Status
Dacapo Town (Start) Dacapo Confirmed
Route 1 1000px-Route 1 f1 Confirmed
Waterfall Cave Waterfall Cave f1 Confirmed
Tremol Town 243px-Tremol Town f1 Confirmed
Coal Mine 581px-Coal Mine f1 Confirmed
Downward Cave Downcave Confirmed
Route 2 (Needs better version?)
Route 2 f1
Quaver Town (Needs better version due to cropping error)



Snowball Badge
Quaver Gym
Forge Badge
Dronia Gym
Depth Badge
Andante Gym
Jester Badge
Vivace Gym
Duality Badge
Staccato Gym
Blast Badge
Ossia Gym
Beetle Badge
Fugue Gym
Rebirth Badge
Calando Gym
Settlements Dacapo TownTremol TownQuaver TownLegato CrossroadsDronia CityAndante Bay
Vivace CityStaccato CliffsCaesura OutpostOssia IslandFugue TownCalando Village
Coda Peak
Routes 123456789101112131415161718192021222424
Landmarks Professor Mangrove's LaboratoryWaterfall CaveCoal MineDownward Cave
Dreamdery RanchRustling ForestAbandoned ObservatoryStarry CaveDronia Scrapyard
S.S. DoloreShattercloud SpireDesert PassStaccato BadlandsDesert CaveOasis
Water TempleUnderwater CaveJungle TempleSafari ZoneDeep JungleUpwards Cave
Victory RoadDragon BoneyardOil Rig

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