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Vivace City is at the end of Route 11 and Route 12.

The city is entirely underground, requiring an elevator to get into. It features a Game Corner as well as the 4th Gym against the Dark type Gym Leader Shadini.


Unofficial Maps and art

Rough Layouts

Note: This is not representative of all unofficial maps and art. If you have any that aren't here, please upload them.

Tiles Used



Trainers and NPC

Other Details


  • The design of Vivace City is based on many nightlife and festival scenes in South America, such as the many casinos of Peru and the holiday of Carnaval.

Name origin

  • Vivace is a musical term indicating a movement that is in a lively mood, and typical with a fast tempo. It is usually found at the start of a new phrase during the piece. This follows the theme of locations in Urobos being named with musical terms, and relates to the wild and excited atmosphere of the city.

Snowball Badge
Quaver Gym
Forge Badge
Dronia Gym
Depth Badge
Andante Gym
Jester Badge
Vivace Gym
Duality Badge
Staccato Gym
Blast Badge
Ossia Gym
Beetle Badge
Fugue Gym
Rebirth Badge
Calando Gym
Settlements Dacapo TownTremol TownQuaver TownLegato CrossroadsDronia CityAndante Bay
Vivace CityStaccato CliffsCaesura OutpostOssia IslandFugue TownCalando Village
Coda Peak
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Water TempleUnderwater CaveJungle TempleSafari ZoneDeep JungleUpwards Cave
Victory RoadDragon BoneyardOil Rig

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